Thursday, 22 December 2011

skin care

okay.everybody have their own skin care product.
i sendiri pun ada,after a few years experiment on my face-,-
too much produk that i was use.
i cant mention it sbb bnyk sgt.lupa dah bro!
but now i've found a very good skin care product.
that is :
loreal men.very good to oliy skin.dah dua botol aku guna.sgt superb.
if u have a oliy skin give this product a go and see if its help or not.
tak mahal pun.17 hinggit je :)
tahan sebulan.:)

okay.this is the scrub by st ives.sometimes ada pori2 tersumbat disebabkan bedak or what ever.
so this is the best product.i dah guna 2 bulan.the result is u will get a very smooth skin without drying.
sebetol besar 20 something.i forgot.but its worth it.tahan lama.
sila beli.okay bye.:P

product2 ni kalau setakat pakai sekali dua memang x jadi lah kan.dah masuk botol yang ke-10 baru jadi kan-,-
nak cepat2 go and make plastic sugery.

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