Tuesday, 13 December 2011

publicity murahan sangat

asalamualaikum and salam 1 malaysia.
guys,actually i make this entry is about people who always want and ask for a cheap sort of publicity.
arghh,i dont know what they feel when they do that.
updating their status then maki hamun orang,kutuk orang gemuk.and sometimes updated status pasal agama pulak.a bit of confusing there.-,-
yeah,some people said that who give us nasihat or what,we just need to take a note about the nasihat bukan tengok sapa yang bagi nasihat kan.k fine.
okay,back to the people that always seeking for 'that' i mean publicity murahan.please lah.
stop it...aku rasa menyampah gile bila tengok status korang naik dekat home aku.
nak delet kang.kawan..-,-.
what u get and what the point you do that??.u got nothing.just 'like' from the people same that same level with you!

so,those yang baca entry ni please take a note.this is just my opinion..u can updated your status but beware lah.all people around the world can read about u updated about quotes?.its gonna be awesome rite?.nampak sikit yang hang ni well-educated!!.


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