Tuesday, 20 December 2011

nothing to do?

 mcm i yang baru habis spm ni.
memang melenguk kat rumah.nothing to do and just sleep,excersice and eating.keep doin that everyday.-,-

im telling that to my lover that i've nothing to do.and die marah i.HAHAH

die ckp.go and find somthing to not waste ur time.
yeah.betul jugak apa yg die cakap.
i can:
-tidy up my messy room.-,-

yeah.alot of thing to do.kan?
but some of my friend asking me "kau tak kerja ke"
and im just reply
"why should im going to find work,i should enjoy my holiday"
sangat sial kan ayat i. :P

entry ni sangat boring.abaikan.

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